Metal machinery in operation how to perform?

In the food industry, metal detectors usually adopt transceiver method. Specifically:

  • Food metal detector consists of 2 main coils: Transmitter coil and two receiver coils.
  • Transmitter coil:  Will generate a continuous electromagnetic field, when a metal particle passes through the detector, it will interfere with the electromagnetic field.
  • Receiver coil:  Detect signal to human.
  • The electronic units in the detector: will analyze this signal, evaluate it and signal it to the user.
  • Automatic Metal Removal Units: Ability to automatically remove metal contaminated products from the production line.

Food metal detectors are industrial metal detectors and are permanently located at the edge or back of the production line. The type of device with a closed, rectangular frame is often used to check and detect goods on conveyors. The principle of industrial metal detectors is the same as other machines, but this industrial device has extremely high sensitivity that can detect metal particles in food.

Industrial metal detector for food capable of working in any environment, high performance, working continuously for many hours. Highly applicable, the device can detect in food, pharmaceuticals, seafood, confectionery or frozen products in bags.

Nowadays, because the demand for food control is very high, finding a food detector is not a difficult thing anymore. But with a high-value device that needs high accuracy, it is still very difficult for first-time customers to buy the product.

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