Overview of the thread rolling machine for bolts, screws and studs

A thread rolling machine for bolts, screws, and studs can create a number of products with standard thread quality of hundreds of the same.

Bolt thread and screw thread have different differences, but in essence the threads of the details are torque loops that are evenly spaced between one ring and the other. Bolt thread mill and screw thread mill have the same structure, only the difference is in the tip of the threaded blade. To better understand how people create the characteristics of bolts and screws with Smart Vietnam, learn about this useful thread rolling machine.

Overview of thread rolling machine for bolts, screws, studs

Thread rolling, also known as thread press roller, is a new method of machining that does not produce chips (chips are the part of metal that is removed). Round billets are placed between pressing rollers, which are rollers or rollers, under the action The application of pressure on the work piece surface forms the tool roll marks.

Tổng quan về chiếc máy cán ren bu lông, vít, vít cấy

Thread shank can process external thread at the same time as inner thread. That is, it can both thread bolts, stainless steel screws and create threads for nuts (ecu). Thread rolling is one of the most efficient and economical thread making methods, so it is widely used in mass production.

History of bolt, screw and stud thread rolling machine

The appearance of bolts and screws is very early and how is threading on the bolt body? It is certain that the craftsmen must use the manual method of lace making by hand with rudimentary tools. In the second half of the 19th century, thread rolling (thread pressing) was formed after the development of the steel rolling industry, the idea of ​​​​making wood screws by the method of pressing 2 rollers appeared.

But by the middle of the 20th century, the first precision thread rolling machine was assembled and put into production use. On the basis of this thread rolling machine, people continue to improve and develop more modern features to suit the needs of quality fasteners.

Advantages of threading (pressing roller thread) bolts, screws and studs

Compared with cutting thread, pressed roller thread has more advantages in terms of structural mechanical properties as well as material saving. The structure of the pressed roller thread allows an increase of 30% in mechanical properties compared to the thread cut by conventional methods. Increase thread surface hardness, durability limit, and thread productivity.

When conducting threading of the same size, thread rolling (pressing thread) saves material because it does not generate scrap chips, improves durability and has a good surface finish.

With this method of threading bolts, screws and studs, it is possible to reduce the cost of the product while the quality of the product is still up to the optimum standard.

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